Par Level

(Must be at least 9 years old and pass PLAYer asssessment to begin)
PLAYers are introduced to the mental side of playing golf while learning skills that will help them on and off the golf course. The main focus of the Par level is to assist PLAYers in acquiring several self-management techniques that will help them in managing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to perform at their best on and off the golf course.

Birdie Level

(Must be at least 11 years old and pass Par assessment to begin)
PLAYers with the ability to set and pursue their own goals will have a greater sense of purpose, direction, and motivation in their lives. All lessons at the Birdie level are designed to build on the internal awareness developed at the Par level. Specifically, Birdie level helps PLAYers learn how to identify personal goals and to develop a strategy for reaching their goals.

Eagle Level

(Must be at least 13 years old and pass Birdie assessment to begin)
Eagle level provides opportunities for more advanced instruction and practice mastering previously learned levels and introduces new topics such as conflict resolution, mentoring, and educational planning. Participants learn to interact more effectively with others so they can become good citizens and exert a positive influence both at First Tee and in their communities.

– 2021 Junior Membership = $55 per participant (required to register for classes)
– Par and Birdie/Eagle Classes = $90 per participant (covers all 8 weeks)
– Full and partial scholarships are available upon request to assist with class fees. Requests are submitted during checkout
– NOTE: Scholarships are not available to cover the cost of Junior Memberships. Clubs are available for participants to borrow during class times.

Summer Class Schedule – Duval and St. Johns Counties

Summer Class Schedule and Registration

Fall Class Schedule – Duval and St. Johns Counties

Fall I Class Schedule and Registration
Fall II Class Schedule and Registration