The Calvin Peete Cup

The Calvin Peete Series operates a yearlong points system similar to the PGA, LPGA, and other major golf tours. The chart below lists the various ways a player can earn points and the quantity awarded for each accomplishment. This points system will be used to determine the players in each age division that will be invited to compete in the season-ending Tour Championship. At the conclusion of the Tour Championship, the participant with the most points in each age division will be presented the “Calvin Peete Cup.”

ABOUT CALVIN PEETE: A renowned professional golfer, Calvin Peete won 12 PGA TOUR events between 1979 and 1986, including The PLAYERS Championship at TPC Sawgrass in 1985. Along with being one of the most prolific winners of the decade, Peete was the straightest hitter on the PGA Tour winning the driving accuracy title for ten consecutive years (1981-1990). The PLAYERS Championship victory combined with being a member of the 1983 and 1985 U.S. Ryder Cup teams earned him the position of being the most successful African American golfer until the emergence of Tiger Woods. Mr. Peete was a resident of Jacksonville and passionate about sharing golf with the children in his community. That passion was integral in the success of The First Tee of Jacksonville which now serves as First Tee – North Florida.


  • PLAYers must report all points earned outside of Calvin Peete Series events in a given month by emailing [email protected] within the first seven days of the following month (i.e. all points earned in the month of April must be reported by May 7th.) IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the sole Responsibility of the PLAYer to report all points earned outside of Calvin Peete Series Events.
  • FTNF staff will award all points earned in Calvin Peete Series events (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and entry into an event).
  • Only points earned in the previous month can be reported.
  • Updated points standings will be posted online within five business days of each event.
  • Outside points earnings start April 7th and go through October 7th
                 Point Earning Accomplishments    Points Earned    
1st Place in a Calvin Peete Series event*            100
2nd Place in a Calvin Peete Series event*             50
3rd Place in a Calvin Peete Series event*             25
Play in a Calvin Peete Series event*             25
Register for an LSE session             25
Play 9 holes outside of The First Tee (limited to four 9-hole rounds per week)             5
Play a tournament on another Junior Tour (capped at 1 outside tournament per week)             20
Refer a friend to register for an LSE session            100
Achieve A/B Honor Roll on Report Card            100
Two hours of community service (up to 8 hours per day)             25

CALVIN PEETE CUP PLAYOFFS: The final three events of the year and the Tour Championship will be the Calvin Peete Cup Playoffs. The first playoff event will award double points for first, second, and third place (200, 100, and 50 points, respectively). Additionally, points award in each subsequent playoff event will double the previous event (i.e. first place in the second event will be awarded 400 points, 800 for the third, and 1,600 for the fourth).

2022 Calvin Peete Series

Things To Know
Registration for Spring events opens on Friday, Feburary 4th, 2022
A 2022 Junior Membership is required to register for tournaments

Regular tournaments are 6-9 holes and majors are 9-18 holes, depending on age group.
Age divisions are based on the participants age as of September 1, 2022

Age Divisions
Linksters Division: 5-7 years old
Futures Division: 8-10 years old
Champions Division: 11-13 years old
Pros Division: 14 years old & up

– A double-par per hole limit applies to all age divisions.
– Linksters (850-1,000 yards) and Futures (1,000-1,200 yards) play 6 hole tournaments.
– Champions (2,400-2,800 yards) and Pros (2,800-3,400 yards) play 9 hole tournaments.
Caddies are not permitted.

-A Coach walks with every Linksters and Futures group to teach and help with scoring, rules, etiquette, and pace of play.

Major tournaments in bold (Pros & Champions walk 18, Futures & Linksters walk 9)

Event DateEvent NameEvent LocationPros &
Futures &
Tee TimesResults
March, 5th
River Kickoff Classic (Adult-Child Pairing)Blue Cypress Golf Club1:00pm (shotgun) 1:00pm (shotgun)
March 26th
Beaches ClassicJacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30am12:40pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, May 21stAzalea Classic (Major)Jacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30am12:30pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, June 4thFernandina Summer ShowdownFernandina Beach Golf Club1:30pm2:30pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, June 11thThe Duval OpenBrentwood Golf Course1:30pm2:15pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, June 25thCradle Creek ClassicJacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30am12:30pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, July 9thUniversity Point ClassicBlue Cypress Golf Club1:00pm2:00pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, July 16thWesley Paxson Jr. MemorialSt. Johns Golf & Country Club4:20pm5:20pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, July 23rdBivins TraditionsThe Golf Club at South Hampton1:00pm2:00pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, July 30thIntercoastal ClassicJacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30am12:30pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, August 13thLeadership Challenge (Major)Blue Cypress Golf ClubFutures & Linksters Only1:00pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, August 27thLeadership Challenge (Major)Hidden Hills Golf Club2:45pmPros & Champions OnlyCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, Sept 10thRemembrance OpenJacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30am12:30pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE
Saturday, Sept 24thFernandina Fall ShootoutFernandina Beach Golf Club1:30pm2:30pmCLICK HERE CLICK HERE
Saturday, October 8thAutumn OpenBent Creek Golf Club3:30pm4:30pmCLICK HERE CLICK HERE
Sunday, October 30thTour ChampionshipSlammer & Squire1:22pm2:02pmCLICK HERECLICK HERE

2022 Calvin Peete Cup Standings

Finalized 10/31/22

Pro’s (14 and up years old)
1Katarina Hoag4670
2DJ Waller3473
3Jonathan Hoag2920
4Moli Roelke1410
5Juliana Leach987.5
6Shingnan Maran650
7John Louzan550
8Claire Ayanleke355
T9Janan Maran325
T9Yuriy Dekalskyy325
11Kade Nelson287.5
12Shanwill Wang250
13Tyson Brown200
14Drew Hardee187.5
T15Gabriel Caez175
T15Gavin Hardee175
17Matthew Olsen125
18Dominic Clayton100
19Spencer Wallut97.5
20Morgan Wilkerson87.5
T21Charlie Pergola75
T21Armon Vartanian75
T21Gabe Tapp75
T24Elijah Southworth50
T24Jose Arroyo50
T24Joseph Louzan50
27Nicholas Flowers25
Champions (11-13 years old)
1Benjamin Hoag5400
2Sophia Burnette4302.5
3Annika Hoag3320
4Josiah Foster1622.5
5Leighmar Wilson540
6Caitlyn Lavant413.75
7Connor Fox235
8Gracie Duett225
9Amelia Santiago200
10Madison Brown175
11William Wiggins150
12Samantha LoGrasso125
13Cady Lambers100
14Graylin Brown60
T15Alexander Cutchen50
T15Ephraim Jones50
T15Jonathan Corley50
T15Levi Taunton50
T15Zoe Le50
T20Aiden Wright25
T20Angelo Vuong25
T20Avery McKenzie25
T20Chase Watkins25
T20Hannah Brown25
T20Sarah Fischer25
T20Caydan Waters25
Futures (8-10 Years old)
1Benjamin Moran5393.25
2Sawyer Endress2392.5
3Abigail Burnette1275
4David Waller1253.75
5Riley Powell612.5
6Hayden Romero400
7Jolena Hall375
T8Zoey Ayanleke305
T8Ofaevia Wilson305
10Evelyn Rose Wimmer205
11Wells Murray168.75
T12Charles Meister125
T12Luke Holton125
14Ellie Marscheck100
T15Shadi Owais75
T15Mia Dieguez75
T17Sadie Evans50
T17Colin Hennessy50
T17Emma Brown50
T20Evan Serang25
T20Camdon Howard25
T20Colt Gwozdz25
T20Declan Rager25
T20Hunter Eidson25
T20Lucas Posse25
T20Olivia Budd25
T20Sophia Budd25
T20Terry King25
Linksters (5-7 Years Old)
1Callum Endress4217.5
2Jiratarn Pornchai1725
3Davis Donnelly1312.5
4Clay Waller952.5
5Brooks Guthrie412.5
6Caleb Lasoff200
7Levi Grant75
8Kyler Bedell50
T9Laela Siari25
T9Nathan Lawrence25
T9Estella Budd25
T9Winston Howard25

2021 Calvin Peete Cup Results

Congratulations to our 2021 Calvin Peete Cup winners!

Pro’s (14 and up years old)
Calvin Peete Cup – Jacob Davis (3,407.5 points)

Runner Up – Jonathan Hoag (3,065)
Third Place – Juliana Leach (2,875)

Champions (11-13 years old)
Calvin Peete Cup – Benjamin Hoag (4,440 points)

Runner Up – Annika Hoag (2,770)
Third Place – Caitlyn Lavant (2,755)

Futures (8-10 Years old)
Calvin Peete Cup – Josiah Foster (3,955 points)

Runner Up – Ben Moran (3,870)
Third Place – David Waller (2,732.5)

Lil’ Linksters (5-7 Years Old)
Calvin Peete Cup – Declan Rager (5,445 points)

Runner Up – Laela Siari (1,275)
Third Place – Winston Howard (950)