Stephanie Name: Stephanie Pulido School: St. Joseph Academy Catholic High School Age: 16 Years Old Grade Level: 11th First Tee Level: Eagle What do you like most about The First Tee? Being a member of The First Tee has its benefits, but I'd probably say what I like the most about this amazing organization is the atmosphere itself. After involving myself in The First Tee for over four years, I have come to discover and associate myself with my golf family, The First Tee. Seeing my best friends and coaches every week for class and tournaments is what I look most forward to. What is your favorite Core Value or Life Skill? All of the core values and life skills each hold their own significance and importance, but my overall favorite is one of the nine core values, perseverance. I have this one memory of myself as a young child learning how to read and wanting to learn how to ride a bicycle. Conveniently enough, my parents bought me a book on how to ride a bicycle. It told me that if at first I don't succeed, try, try, again. Every time I think about perseverance, that little phrase I used to tell myself still sticks with me and will continue to, soon to be found on a deeper level through The First Tee. How do you use that skill on the course? The First Tee has taught me how to set goals. By using this on the golf course, I set goals on where I want each shot to go and an estimation of what I would like to shoot. If at some point during any given round that I do not achieve my goal of a desired shot or score, then I would use perseverance to achieve my next goal, and so on. How do you use that skill off the course? Being a junior in high school, I have my SAT test coming up soon, along with long term preparation. As a result, I need to continually better myself in educational studies to make way for my future career and lifestyle. Perseverance gives me the determination to strive harder and continue to improve. Do you have a favorite memory with The First Tee? Every new day with The First Tee is a new memory made. It has greater united our family, and created memories of our own. One of these memories, back when I had first started golf and The First Tee, my father and I participated in our first ever golf tournament, the Father/Daughter Tournament. My father and I came in second place, one stroke off of the win. Though we did not take home first place, it was an honor to have the opportunity to be on a team with the man that taught me everything I know about golf. Read about Stephanie's experience at the first tee training at ijga