Does my child need to bring their own clubs to a program? No. Clubs are provided for participants to borrow while at classes and summer camps. I have an older child who already plays golf. Do they have to start at the PLAYer Level? Yes, all new participants that are seven years old and up must begin at the PLAYer Level. Older participants may, however, move through the lower levels of the program faster depending on their age.  The intent of these "accelerated" paths is to allow new participants that are older the opportunity to reach the curriculum level that is appropriate for their age sooner. CLICK HERE to view attendance requirements for children who are new to First Tee and are at least 9 years old. My child turns 7 years old later this year. When can he/she begin the PLAYer Level? Children must meet the minimum age requirement (5 years old for TARGET and 7 years old for PLAYer) by the first day of a scheduled program. What happens if it's raining? If we have to cancel a program, we will notify parents via text message approximately one hour before the class is scheduled to begin. To make up a cancelled or missed program, a child may visit a class on a different day that week, however chapter staff must be notified in advance so that programs do not exceed capacity. We guarantee a certain number of class meetings depending on the length of the program.
  • 4-week Program: 3 class meetings guaranteed
  • 5-week Program: 4 class meetings guaranteed
  • 8-week Program: 6 class meetings guaranteed
What is your refund policy? A full refund will be issued if the cancellation takes place at least 72 hours before the program begins. Notifications within 72 hours will receive a 50% refund. Refunds will not be available after a program begins. A program credit will be issued with a signed physicians note. Do you accept golf club donations? Absolutely! Due to the large amount of club donations that we receive, we ask that donated clubs be less than 10 years old. Also, adult clubs that can not be given to kids might be sold with the proceeds being used to purchase age appropriate equipment. Call us at 904-810-2231 for drop off locations.