Calvin Peete Tournament Series

Calvin Peete, a renowned golfer, won 12 PGA TOUR events, including THE PLAYERS Championship in 1985. Known for his accuracy, he dominated the driving title for ten years. Beyond golf, Peete was a Jacksonville resident passionate about introducing golf to local children, contributing to the success of The First Tee of Jacksonville, now First Tee – North Florida. Featuring an inclusive points system and the prestigious Calvin Peete Cup, the series has become a standout event in the golf calendar, attracting participants and fans to celebrate the game’s spirit and honor a golf icon. The Calvin Peete Tournament Series not only commemorates a golfing legend but also continues his legacy by promoting the love of golf among future generations.

Calvin Peete Tournament Series Info

Age Divisions
(Based on participants age on September 1, 2024)

Linksters Division: 5-7 years old
Futures Division: 8-10 years old
Champions Division: 11-13 years old
Pros Division: 14 years old & up

Linksters (850-1,000 yards) and Futures (1,000-1,200 yards) play 6-hole tournaments.
Champions (2,400-2,800 yards) and Pros (2,800-3,400 yards) play 9-hole tournaments.
* Linksters and Futures will play 9-holes at majors and the Tour Championship, with Champions and Pros playing 18-holes.

Important Notes
– A 2024 Junior Membership is required to register for Tournament Series events.
– Champions & Pros will have separate divisions for boys and girls.
– A double-par per hole stroke limit applies to all age divisions.
– A coach walks with every Linksters and Futures group to help with scoring, rules, etiquette, and pace of play.

New for 2024: Revamped Points System

  • All players are required to report any points earned outside of Calvin Peete Series events within a specific timeframe. To report these points, please send an email to [email protected] within the first seven days of the following month. For example, if you earn points during the month of April, it is essential to report them by May 7th. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the player to ensure the accurate reporting of all points earned outside of Calvin Peete Series events. Your timely reporting will contribute to a fair and accurate assessment of your total points and eligibility for various competitions and honors within the series.
  • First Tee – North Florida will allocate points for achievements in Calvin Peete Series events, which include 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and entry into an event.
  • ONLY points earned in the previous month can be reported.
  • Updated points standings will be posted online within five business days of each event.
  • The first month that outside points can be earned is March (report by April 7th). The last month to earn outside points is September (report by October 7th).
Point Earning AccomplishmentsPoints Earned
1st Place in a Calvin Peete Series event*50
2nd Place in a Calvin Peete Series event*40
3rd Place in a Calvin Peete Series event*30
Play in a Calvin Peete Series event25
Register for a weekly class25
Play 9-holes outside of First Tee – North Florida (capped to three 9-hole rounds per week for a max of 15 points per week)5
Play a tournament on a Junior Tour (capped at 1 outside tournament per week. High school tournaments not included)25
Refer a friend to register for a weekly class50
Achieve A/B Honor Roll on Report Card100
Two hours of community service per week (max is 100 points per month)25
*In the event of a tie: points are added together and divided by the number of ties (ex. A two-way tie between 1st & 2nd would be 50 + 40 = 90, then 90 / 2 = 45 points awarded to those two participants) 


 The final four events of the year (including the Tour Championship) will be the Calvin Peete Cup Playoffs. The first playoff event will award double points for first, second, and third place (1st place 100 points, 2nd place 80 points, 3rd place 60 points). Additionally, points awarded in each subsequent playoff event will double the previous event (1st place in the second event will be awarded 200 points, 400 points for the third event, and 800 points for the Tour Championship).

More Information About The Calvin Peete Series:

Registration for the tournaments will open as follows: the first 5 events January 15th, the next 3 events April 24th, the next 4 events May 3rd, and the next 3 events July 5th. The Tour Championship, which is by invitation only for the top-9 participants in each of the four divisions, will open October 7th.

Tournament Series FAQs

New for the 2024 Majors:

For each Major (4) in the PRO’s Division, the 1st Place Boys and 1st Place Girls
and the Overall Boys and Overall Girls Tour Champion will be awarded a
Florida Junior Golf Tour Exemption through their Special Tournament Exemption Program (STEP).
After the tournament we will email the results to them and they will place an exemption into your account. (Must make an account)
There are 10 Exemptions up for grabs (5 boys and 5 girls) this year, good luck to all!

Florida Junior Golf Tour About Page

2024 Tournament Schedule

Event DateEvent NameEvent LocationEvent Start TimeTee TimesResults
March 23
Tee-Time Together ScrambleJacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30AM
March 30
The St. Augustine Jr. AmateurSt. Johns Golf Club4:00PM
April 20
The “Creek” Birdie BonanzaBent Creek Golf Course2:00PM
April 27
The University Club ClassicBlue Cypress Golf Course2:00PM
May 11
The Denise E. Lee MemorialBrentwood Golf Course2:00PM
May 25
The Flagler County Masters (Major)Palm Harbor Golf Course1:00PM
June 8
Gem of the St. Johns InvitationalPalatka Golf Club2:00PM
June 22
The Frank D. Bivins Memorial – PGA Championship (Major)The Golf Club at South Hampton1:00PM
July 13
The County Classic US Open (Major)St. Johns Golf Club2:00PM
July 27
The Duuuval County ChallengeJacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30AM
August 10
The Greater Jacksonville Open Championship (Major)Bent Creek Golf Course11:00AM
August 24
The “Blue” & Birdies ShowdownBlue Cypress Golf Course2:00PM
September 7
PLAYOFFS: Jax Beach Coastal Cup ClassicJacksonville Beach Golf Club11:30AM
September 14
PLAYOFFS: Palencia Birdies & Bunkers ShowdownPalencia Golf Club4:00PM
Sunday, October 6PLAYOFFS: The Wesley Paxson Jr. MemorialSt. Johns Golf & Country Club4:00PM
October 20
PLAYOFFS: Tour ChampionshipSlammer & Squire Golf Course12:40PM

2024 Calvin Peete Cup Standings

PROS (14 and up years old)
CHAMPIONS (11-13 years old)
FUTURES (8-10 Years old)
LINKSTERS (5-7 Years Old)

2023 Calvin Peete Cup Official Results

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2023 Calvin Peete Cup winners!

PROS (14 and up years old)
Calvin Peete Cup – DJ Waller (3,380 points)

2nd Place – Tyson Brown (1,100)
3rd Place – Gavin Hardee (1,037.5)

CHAMPIONS (11-13 years old)
Calvin Peete Cup – Sophia Burnette (4,090 points)

2nd Place – Benjamin Moran (3,697.5)
3rd Place – Graylin Brown (2,510)

FUTURES (8-10 Years old)
Calvin Peete Cup – Sawyer Endress (2,740.9 points)

2nd Place – Krishna Clark (1,651.7)
3rd Place – Abigail Burnette (1,582.5)

LINKSTERS (5-7 Years Old)
Calvin Peete Cup – Jiratarn Pornchai (2,212.5 points)

2nd Place – Clay Waller (1,517.5)
3rd Place – Ryder Endress (1,297.5)