Welcome to the Coaches Corner! This page is designed specifically for coaches at First Tee – North Florida.  You will be able to find helpful information here such as lesson plans, coach meeting schedules, and special events.  Be sure to check here periodically for new information.  Thank you for your commitment to serving the young people of North Florida!!!

“A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.”


2022 Lesson Plans

Lesson plan templates are below. There are several reasons why a lead coach changes or replaces a game in the lesson plan such as practice area availability, roster size, or they have a better idea. The core lesson, golf fundamental, Healthy Habit, and yardage book pages are, however, critical elements that should not change. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Ron or Coach Kyle.

Fall Lesson Plans
Caddie (Ages 79) Fall Session I
Caddie (Ages 7-9) Fall Session II

Junior (Ages 10-12) Fall Session I
Junior (Ages 10-12) Fall Session II

Pathfinders (Ages 13+) Fall Session I
Pathfinders (Ages 13+) Fall Session II

2022 Coach Meeting Schedule

Required Meeting/Training Programs
The following meetings are required of all coaches and volunteers who are actively coaching at our chapter. The meetings will consist of chapter and program updates, interactive Coach Philosophy training, and more.  Prior to each meeting, you will be contacted via email with location updates and RSVP info.


Incident Report
Equipment Request Form